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Creatively Grateful

Do you remember when the Wizard of Oz movie shifted from black and white to color? The invention of color cinematography brought us from the tornado in Kansas to the beautiful land of Oz and lit up the screen with vividly colored images. Can you imagine seeing the munchkins or Emerald City in black and white?

Last night I spent a little over an hour sewing covers for some chair cushions and pillows for a space that will be used as a second office when my daughter isn’t here. The purpose of this new space is to provide a more creative environment in which to work. Our business office YELLS at me to do the books, make decisions, study real estate and marketing materials, read trade magazines and file all those papers! It is NOT a creative environment for me.

After spending that little amount of time doing something slightly creative with beautifuly colorful fabric last night, I awakened this morning with a smile on my face. It only took a moment to realize the source of the smile- I had been doing something that made my heart soar. Making something useful and pretty, sewing and cutting, looking through the colorful fabric and thread is something that I love to do. It may be silly to others, but I absolutely love to open my box of thread and see the vibrant colors. It’s the same sensation that comes when colored pencils lay on the desk, or the paint is squeezed from the tube.

I’m grateful for color and creativity.
What creative activity is it that makes your heart soar? God, the Creator, has made us creative in His image. Everyone is creative in some fashion. You are creative.

Think outside the box, not just in terms of art. Do you enjoy a beautiful song or sunset, taking photos or scrap booking, baking bread or cooking a meal and setting the table with special decorations? Do you like keeping the grass mowed and flowers tended, bringing in a blossom to enjoy indoors? How about making a drawing for a floor plan, arranging furniture or keeping cupboards neatly in order? Are office documents or accounting books your forte- with words or numbers easily taking their place?

Do you write a note to a friend, journal, or get a buzz from giving a secret gift to someone in need? Do you recognize the creativity in the mind of a mechanic that understands the inner workings of the engine and hears the sound of a tuned engine, or an engineer that recognizes the beauty of a finely crafted airplane, or a builder of a home with his tools?

You are creative. You are made in the image of your Creator.

What is your creative gift that you are thankful for? Send me a note and tell me about it.

Let your creativity send your heart soaring up to its’ Source, the giver of all good gifts!

Lord, thank you for creating man in Your own image, for forming him from dust and breathing into him the breath of life.  Thank you for the gift of  Your Spirit that brings me spiritual life and a direct connection to You as my Creator. I’m grateful that you made me creative so that I enjoy ______.

Genesis 1:27;  Genesis 2:4-7


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