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As a young girl my parents brought us to the bedside of an elderly, dying aunt.  Her husband of way over 50 years faithfully tended her in their home.  He was a large man, strong from years on the farm, with big hands that were rough from work.  Those big hands  gently cared for his frail wife and her needs.

We all talked in the room around Aunt Ag’s bed that was covered with pink, flowered sheets.  She sweetly smiled up at us, but her eyes continually found those of her dear husband.  Uncle Reuben bent over her and said,  “You’re the prettiest flower in this bed” before kissing her.  I knew he meant it and was speaking of something very deep between them.

That was one of many pictures of  commitment and faithfulness in marriage that a young girl tucked away in her mind and heart.

So then, why has it been difficult over the years to receive the words of a faithful husband, at times sweeping them away with an “oh, you couldn’t really mean it, could you?” attitude instead of embracing them gratefully and standing on them securely?

Before Valentine’s Day I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from Calvin.  He was eager to remember the occasion and was even days early in his eagerness.  Before his heart incident and he occasionally gave flowers but now he looks for opportunities.  (I keep telling him that he used to send me flowers weekly and take me on yearly cruises, but he hasn’t fallen for that yet!)  The flowers are beautiful, but it’s the notes that are appreciated the most.

“I love you now more than ever.”

A few weeks later two bunches of wild flowers appeared on the counter with a note.

“I’m not particularly fond of the vases but I thought the flowers were beautiful- although not as beautiful as you are.  PS can you name these flowers?”

I was tempted to point out how I’m getting older, how I don’t feel beautiful… but I stopped.

I tried to look for his eyes and receive the words, letting them sink in deeply.  I knew he meant it and was speaking of something deep between us.

Today is June 5th and there is a pretty little bouquet of flowers on the table.  Happy Anniversary, Calvin.  I love you and you are a gift to me.  Look for my eyes and receive the words.  Know that I mean it.

PS- I liked the vases (especially the calf bottle), and yes, I can name the flowers- on left are phlox and on the right are blue wild indigo, my favorite wild flower!


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