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So on Saturday I enjoyed my devotions over a nice cup of hot chai, visited with my daughter in law, played with the grand baby, did some cleaning and watered the plants outside when my brain did a screech to a halt.  The wheels spun as I dug in the memory bank for the source of the interruption of my cruise through the Saturday routine.  Hmmm… oh my, I remember, I’m to sing at a funeral today and the practice is in a half hour!

A quick shower proceeds the scan of the closet for appropriate funeral attire, I grab the new jewelry set that was a gift for Mother’s Day and off I go.  The jewelry is the large chunky type and is a cross set, should be nice for the occasion. 

Made it just under the wire to practice, eat lunch with a kind member of the ensemble that offered, and returned to the church.  It couldn’t have been a nicer funeral and on the way out through the kitchen after greeting the family and grabbing a piece of cake I’m engaged in several conversations.

“Should I tell her?” my good friend asks as she takes my chin and swivels my head from side to side?

“Yes?”, my curiosity is up…

“You have on two different earings!  But it’s a very artsy,” she adds with an affectionate grin.

Ah, nothing like a good laugh at oneself!

I may look into starting a new fad.  Want to join me?


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