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What is it about some spots of paint on a styrofoam plate that make me almost giddy? As a “hands on” person, working on a project is like a dose of medicine for the heart, soul, mind and body.

Time disappears and a sense of energy rises that feels like a massage for the things that are sore inside. Thoughts are totally focused on the project and solving the issues at hand, they do not wander to and fro but are absorbed in the present, the “now”.  It’s as if nothing else exists, like one has taken a short step off the timeline into a place of creativity.  I call it my right brain world and it takes some effort to pull me back onto the timeline to visit about anything that requires an answer!

I am sure that each person loses themselves in various ways- reading a good book, solving a puzzle, loosening the dirt and placing plants in a garden or landscape, cooking a new recipe, playing basketball, organizing a workspace… you know, the type of activity where you suddenly look up at the clock and can’t believe that two hours have passed?  Don’t you wish we could operate in that realm all the time?

This short absorption in a task and the loss of a sense of time seems like a small taste of heaven.  One senses a bit of Holiness,  a sense of God’s pleasure in discovering this place of timelessness and creativity, a sense of belonging.  It develops a stronger hunger for the eternal and an increased desire to be finished with the pressures and concerns of this world.  But it also refreshes a person to return to the other tasks at hand knowing that God’s  thumb print  can be seen in all activities and His presence will help guide the decisions of how to use the time He gives.  It is a gift that colors the world with His presence.

Thank you Lord for the gift of Your creativity that you have given each person in some manner. Thank you for the way that it connects us to You and makes us hunger for the eternal.  May we see You in every aspect of our lives, explore the ways that You have gifted us , and enjoy the ways You uniquely created us.  We do all things to glorify You.

Genesis 1:16-31; Psalms 139:13-16


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“Today’s the day! You have to come and see the cactus, it bloomed!” a friend called to say. The sprawling cactus had sat growing for years in her sun room before she even knew it could bloom.  The catch was this, the bloom would only last for about 18 hours. We had to go today or we would miss it for at least another year.

Time was of the essence. We had the “now” or not at all.

We stood in awe around the delicate tissue paper like petaled flowers that were white and edged in a blush of pink.  The five blooms were trumpet like and in various stages of blooming. They projected out of the mass of thorny appendages of the cactus plant with grace and dignity, as if posing for royalty,  yet we knew most of these  blooms are produced in the desert and never seen by a human eye.

What extravagance from the Creator, what obedience from the created plant to produce 18 hour blooms of praise for the Creator’s eyes only.  I think we actually felt humbled to have the opportunity to view the Creator’s flowers.

We stood silently for some time, then sat in comfy chairs and drank tea, visited and prayed together. Friendship, humility and need breed the desire to pray.

As we closed and moved to the kitchen, the friend pointed to her stove with a laugh. This is always a bit spooky, after the timer goes off it says “End”, like it means the end of time!  She poked the button to put the time of day back on the display.

Makes a person think though, doesn’t it? The short duration of the cactus bloom pushed it up in priority that day. What things in life belong at the top of the priority list but don’t have a deadline to get them there, no timer to say the moment has ended? Perhaps it is a nap to rest the weary mind, a walk with a loved one to listen to what’s on his or her heart, a morning to paint a picture and connect with the Creator, a chapter to read in the Bible or a good book, a little nose to wipe or a hand to hold, a call to ask forgiveness…

Time is of the essence. We have the now.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the boundary of time as it makes the present moment such a gift.  Help us to learn how to live in the “now” and focus on the things that are of true importance.  Forgive us for worrying about the future or fretting about the past.  Instead may we make simple plans with Your help and trust You with the future. May we reflect on the past only to remember with gratitude, help us to grow, or to forgive. Thank you that you are the same yesterday, today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8; 2 Corinthians 6:2; 2 Thessalonians 3:16

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