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I have been pondering lately the use of drawing and other more right brain or hands on learning techniques in approaching Scripture to help people who may learn in less academic ways to absorb more of what we read or hear about the Bible.

Some doodling notes became a fun attempt at using words and few pictures to look at the first chapter of Romans.  From a little drawn megaphone the concept of being “called” was explored. We’re called to obey God from obedience, to belong to Christ, to be a saint.  For His names sake, we receive grace to call others to obedience from faith.

I’m called and then given grace to call others for His glory.

So, when asked to give a “chalk talk” to the Week Day Church School 3-4th grade children in our town  for Easter and again in May for the 5th-6th grade I gladly said yes to the opportunity.  How could I give the call to these children? What could one do or say about the resurrection story? I would do a quick chalk drawing of a picture of Jesus coming from the grave, but how could the informational “talk” part of the short time  be done?

A few days later a word began jumping off the page of the Bible during a second study of the first chapter of Romans.  Don’t you love it when that happens? Thank you Holy Spirit.  The word “power” looked,  to my spiritual mind,  twice as big as the other words on the page and begged for a second look.  Jesus Christ our Lord was declared with POWER to be God’s Son by his resurrection from the dead (vs 3-4). The gospel is the POWER of God for salvation of everyone that believes (vs 16). God’s invisible qualities such as eternal POWER and divine nature are understood by all men by what He created, by nature (vs 19-20).

That’s the theme for the talk- POWER.   Using the picture drawing idea from the earlier Bible Study, during the talk we doodled on the wall sized paper with pictures of God’s POWER in creation,  POWER wars in the fall, Jesus laying aside his POWER to live as a man emPOWERed by the Holy Spirit, Jesus being raised from the dead by the Spirit’s POWER after His crucifixion,  the Holy Spirit being sent to dwell in us and emPOWER us, and in the end Jesus’ return with POWER… too cool.

The kids found God’s power cool as well, better than Superman and Spiderman any day, as five new hearts heard the call.  To God be the glory.

Dear Lord, Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, Amen.

Romans 1:1-20


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